Goodbye isolation, hello studio! 

Hello Trustees.

Sometimes the most isolated capital city in the world can work in your favour. (generally it dont if you're a muso).

While the rest of the world suffers on, we in Perth can catch up in small numbers again.

Hey, but now with the social isolation restrictions being eased, we can get the Trust back together and blow some cobwebs out too. Woo hoo!

So tonight we go back into our rehearsal studio at Mount Helena Madness for the first time since lock down for a play, and to work on a video for the Kalamunda Music Festival 2020.

Hope to see you all again rockin the joint very soon.

The Moonshine Trust



  • Victoria
    Victoria Quinn's
    Love your work...Great sound xxxxx

    Love your work...Great sound xxxxx

  • Rowan Shaw
    Rowan Shaw Quo exercitationem u
    Asperiores pariatur

    Asperiores pariatur

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