The Moonshine Trust are a powerful four piece band out of Perth, Western Australia playing a fusion of blues, rock and jazz  in their original songs, and reworks of classics.
With a well oiled rhythm section, a killer guitarist and the raunchy sound of the sax and harmonica, The Moonshine Trust are something different !

Original Songs Going Strong 

We have had a great reaction from audiences to our original sets at the Swan Hotel, The Railway and The Rosemount Hotels. More new songs and shows coming up. Check out JJJ unearthed and give us some love folks.

Falls Tavern Rocks 

We had a great night at the Noble Falls Tavern rocking out with an enthusiastic local crowd last thursday night.
It's a great little pub that has top food and a very laid back vibe, but is building a rep as the place to party and see a band in the Hills.
It's not so far out of the way and well worth the visit. We hope to be back there soon.

New semi-acoustic shows. 

Most people know us as a band with a big sound and presence. You know, PJ ripping on his Les Paul  guitar with Tony and Brad pounding out the beat and  me wailing on the sax or blues harp.
What you didn't know is that we have put together a semi-acoustic show for small venues.
We swap the drum kit for Bongos and Jembes and percussion, the Les Paul for amplified acoustic guitar and then pull the sound in tight with the bass and sax.
It is a different vibe with emphasis on the groove and laid back solos that wont pin your ears back.
Expect the same songs and the same enthusiasm and fun, with a few new surprises folks.
Check us out sometime soon.

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