The Moonshine Trust are a powerful four piece band out of Perth, Western Australia playing a fusion of rock and blues  in their original songs, and reworks of classics.
Featuring a well oiled rhythm section, a killer guitarist and the raunchy sound of the sax and harmonica,
they guarantee to get the place rocking.


Playing on the same show with your mates is always fun. We love it when we get the chance to do it. It kicks up the vibe a notch or two when you are listening to your friends and getting off on their stuff and then you get to have a play as well. So folks we have some mid week shows coming up with the fabulous Kickstart Cadillacs on Feb 14 at the Universal Bar, and then with The Bonekickers at the Centuria on March 11. It is gonna be a party so get along for a coldie or two rock on with these great bands and The Trust.

Xmas Greetings 

Best Wishes from the Moonshine Trust for the holiday season. Have a great Xmas and New Year with family and friends and keep on rocking with us at the Best Drop Tavern in Kalamunda every saturday night during the holidays!

Moonshine Trust hits the airwaves at 107.3 HFM tomorrow!!! 

Shades of Blue radio presenter, Pearl Justine Walke is playing our new CD on her show tomorrow at 1-40pm.
Pearl will welcome Brad and PJ into the studio for a chat, so tune in folks to 107.3 Heritage FM tomorrow arvo.
Hope to see you at the Best Drop Tavern in Kalamunda tomorrow night for some rockin' blues.

EP is selling fast. 

We have had a huge reaction to our 5 track EP of original songs and are nearly sold out. I think it's time to order some more boys. 
5 songs for $10 bucks folks. looks like it is gonna cop some airplay too.
I will keep you posted.

Blues at Bridgetown Goes Off 

The Moonshine Trust played to packed gigs through the weekend blues festival in Bridgetown and enjoyed tremendous feed back from audiences at all four shows. Armed with a new EP of five original songs showcasing our style of tough,hard driving blues, we had an absolute ball rocking out and CD sales were really strong at the gigs. A couple of punters descibed our music as Australia's original Bluemetal, being a combo of blues, metal and rock! . Well we will take any description folks want to give us because it is definitely a different sound, and definitely ORIGINAL.
Soon we will have our CD for sale online through this website, so stay tuned if you want a copy.

4 Gigs at Bridgetown 

The Moonshine Trust have been booked to play more gigs than any other band on the bill!!!!!!
You better believe it folks.
Here it is.
Friday night at Scotts Tavern from 8-15pm for a 2 hour spot.
Saturday at the Bridgetown Hotel from 10.45am for a 2 hour spot.
Saturday arvo for the Memphis Blues Challenge, and if we do well then finals saturday night.
Sunday morning we will do an all original showcase for 45 minutes on the Festival Club stage at 10.00am while you chow down onya weeties.
Plus, we will have a 5 track EP of some of our original songs to purchase and take home.
Its gonna be a great weekend.
We hope to see you there.

Blues at Bridgetown, get on down! 

Hi folks,
The Moonshine Trust have been invited to play at this years Blues at Bridgetown festival. We will be playing some pub gigs as well as pumping up the blues in the WA State Blues Challenge. We are really looking forward to playing at the festival with some great international, aussie and local blues acts. We will post more details as we get them. Check it all out at the festival website:    www.bluesatbridgetown.com

It's Down to The Best Drop in Kala 

The new place for blues in the Hills is the Best Drop Tavern in Kalamunda. Trust us to find a home for all those folks who want some blues in a casual setting with great food,cold beer and great old-fashioned service.
We are doing it as a semi-acoustic show while you enjoy catching up with your mates over a meal, and then we will liven it up just a little as the night goes on, and we all loosen up.
This aint an open mike night, but you can expect some local jammers will be featured from time to time along, with some of our great muso mates dropping in for some fun.

If you wanna sit in with us for a song or 2,  just email your contact details to this website and we will get back to you.

Trust us, it's gonna cook up!
Hope to see you there.
The Moonshine Trust

Original Songs Going Strong 

We have had a great reaction from audiences to our original sets at the Swan Hotel, The Railway and The Rosemount Hotels. More new songs and shows coming up. Check out JJJ unearthed and give us some love folks.

Falls Tavern Rocks 

We had a great night at the Noble Falls Tavern rocking out with an enthusiastic local crowd last thursday night.
It's a great little pub that has top food and a very laid back vibe, but is building a rep as the place to party and see a band in the Hills.
It's not so far out of the way and well worth the visit. We hope to be back there soon.

New semi-acoustic shows. 

Most people know us as a band with a big sound and presence. You know, PJ ripping on his Les Paul  guitar with Tony and Brad pounding out the beat and  me wailing on the sax or blues harp.
What you didn't know is that we have put together a semi-acoustic show for small venues.
We swap the drum kit for Bongos and Jembes and percussion, the Les Paul for amplified acoustic guitar and then pull the sound in tight with the bass and sax.
It is a different vibe with emphasis on the groove and laid back solos that wont pin your ears back.
Expect the same songs and the same enthusiasm and fun, with a few new surprises folks.
Check us out sometime soon.


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