The Moonshine Trust are a powerful four piece band based in the hills of Perth, Western Australia playing a blend of rock, and blues  in their original songs, and reworks of classics.
Featuring a well oiled rhythm section, a killer guitarist and the raunchy sound of the sax and harmonica,
they guarantee to get the place rocking.
Click on the Youtube icon above to checkout some of our videos or click on Music to have a listen to some of our original tracks and let us know what you think.

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One of the great things about The Trust not being a cover band, is the songwriting process.

It is pretty hard to get a gig in Perth, Western Australia unless you play top forty covers, and well, we dont.

Been there and done that!

Writing and collaborating with each other on your own songs is what keeps us going..

With us, everything is on the table and we all have input to the finished product.

There are no egos, equal pay, equal say!

Hey it doesn't matter if its a hit song or something we only pull out in a set when the mood strikes, it's ours.

Our drummer Jordie comes from a Metal background, but this week he brought along a punk-rock song that is kickarse.

PJ and Brad have knocked up this little gem Terrorfirma, that is different again in style and genre.

Brad's lyrics and delivery style as a social commentary song are a departure from his usual subject matter of women and drinking. LOL

PJ has taken a middle eastern flavoured scale and come up with a powerful blend of rock/ metal fusion.

This is an early demo mix. When we play it live, I will play flute over the riff and add some frilly-trilly bits, but it's PJ's guitar work that is the stand out.

Let us know what you think peoples.

Big luvs to you all from The Moonshine Trust


We are No 1 on the Reverbnation Perth Blues Charts 

There are some great blues people in Perth. Local guys like Paul Daly, Mike De Velta, Matty T Wall, Kerry B Ryan and Dave Gillam write and play blues songs  and The Moonshine Trust are happy to join them on the Reverbnation Perth Blues charts.
Our latest song 3AM puts us at Number 1.
If you havent heard us yet, check out this killer song written by Brad Hawdon and give us a thumbs up if you like it!
Thanks to all you peeps who are spreading the word about the Trust. We love that you like it.

Lost and Found??  Podcast

The Trust would seem to have been lost to the Perth live music scene for the last 6 months but we haven't been idle We have been out of action on the gigging front while working in our new drummer Jordie Hindson, and recording a bunch of new original songs for our forthcoming album. Writing and recording remains our main focus as the band evolves its own style and sound, and you can help us by leaving a comment on our site when i post some early mixes of songs before the final mix and mastering takes place.
The first track is Everytime written by Brad.

Love to hear what you think of it.
  1. Everytime