Our Story

The Hills Blues Club at The Mount Helena Tavern in Perth, Western Australia was the birthplace of the Moonshine Trust in 2012.
During a meeting at a club night, Hedge sat in for a few songs with the already established trio and things really got cooking.

Like a fine sour mash, a powerful spirit was distilled out of rock and blues in a trust founded on friendship, good music and good times.

The Moonshine Trust are four seasoned musicians from the Perth Hills dedicated to writing and performing our own blend of strong, riff driven songs with roots in rock, blues, metal and jazz.

The band is becoming a favorite at festivals and pub gigs for their honest, powerful performances that feature PJ Whilliers' killer guitar playing and Hedges' bluesy horn and harp playing.
A 5 track EP of original songs was recorded and released for the 2014 Blues at Bridgetown Festival where we played 4 shows.

In October 2018 we released our second CD of 8 new  original song and 4 remastered songs from the 2014 which is available at:   https://artist.landr.com/music/800739828452

Work has already started on a new album.
Keep an eye on this site for updates on recording and upcoming gigs.
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See you at a gig sometime!

The Moonshine Trust are:

PJ Whillier on vocals, lead,slide and lap steel guitars.
Brad Hawdon on vocals and bass guitar.
Jordie Hindson on vocals and drums.
Allan "Hedge" Lester on saxes and harmonica.